PhD Students

Matthew Di Prima

Matthew's research focused on thermo-mechanical and micro-structural characterization of shape memory polymer foams

Jiankuai Diao

Jiankuai's research focused on atomistic and continuum modeling of the structure and mechanical properties of metal nanowires

Nathan Evans

Nathan's research focused on the effect of structure on the mechanical properties of surface porous polymers

Carl Frick

Carl's research focused on processing, structure, and property relationships in NiTi shape memory alloys at multiple length scales

Scott Kasprzak

Scott's research focused on small-scale polymer structures enabled by thiol-ene copolymer systems

Austin Leach

Austin's research focused on atomistic modeling of the mechanical behavior of nanometer scale metals

Yiping Liu

Yiping's research focused on the thermomechanics of shape memory polymers

David Miller

David's research focused on galvanic corrosion-induced damage of miniaturized silicon structures

Reza Mirzaeifar

Reza's research focused on a multiscale study of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

Alicia Ortega

Alicia's research focused on structure-property relationships in photopolymerizable polymer networks

David Safranski

David's research focused on poly(beta-amino esters) for cardiovascular applications for his PhD. His research for his master's degree focused on the effect of chemical structure and crosslinking density on the thermo-mechanical properties and toughness of (meth)acrylate shape memory polymers.

Kathryn Smith

Kathryn's research focused on tailoring the toughness and biological response of photopolymerizable networks for orthopedic applications

Dalton Sycks

Dalton's research focused on understanding and optimizing structure-property relationships in soft materials to develop mechanically robust photopolymers for 3D printing applications.

Brennan Torstrick

Brennan's research focused on osteo-integration of bare and biologically treated surface porous PEEK

Walter Voit

Walter's research focused on the optimization of mechanical properties and manufacturing techniques to enable shape memory polymer processing

Edem Wornyo

Edem's research focused on the nanomechanics of shape memory polymers

Christopher Yakacki

Christopher's research focused on shape-memory polymers for biomedical applications by investigating the thermomechanics, recovery characteristics, and cytocompatibility

Masters Students

Brian Corff

Brian's research focused on high strain rate damage in ductile metals

Kevin Juntunen

Kevin's research focused on the effects of precipitate size and surface normal orientation on micro-indentation and compressive fatigue of NiTi shape memory alloys

Heidi F Khalil

Heidi's research focused on changes in the mechanical behavior of nitinol following variations of heat treatment duration and temperature

Terra Kissel

Terra's research focused on the synthesis, characterization, and cyclic stress-influenced degradation of a poly(ethylene)glycol based poly(beta-amino ester)

Brian Lin

Brian's research focused on structure and thermomechanical behavior of NiTiPt shape memory alloy wires

Katie Pitz

Katie's research focused on compression-aided stability of orthopedic devices

Jeff Tyber

Jeff's research focused on the mechanical behavior of materials for reconstructive bioengineering applications

Greg Vialle

Greg's research focused on inductive activation of magnetite filled shape memory polymers

Neil West

Neil's research focused on factors affecting creep in gold on polysilicon bi-layer cantilevered MEMS beams