Fabrication of Biomedical Scaffolds Using Biodegradable Polymers.

TitleFabrication of Biomedical Scaffolds Using Biodegradable Polymers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsA Kirillova, TR Yeazel, D Asheghali,, S Dort, K Gall, and ML Becker
JournalChemical Reviews
Start Page11238
Pagination11238 - 11304
Date Published09/2021

Degradable polymers are used widely in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Maturing capabilities in additive manufacturing coupled with advances in orthogonal chemical functionalization methodologies have enabled a rapid evolution of defect-specific form factors and strategies for designing and creating bioactive scaffolds. However, these defect-specific scaffolds, especially when utilizing degradable polymers as the base material, present processing challenges that are distinct and unique from other classes of materials. The goal of this review is to provide a guide for the fabrication of biodegradable polymer-based scaffolds that includes the complete pathway starting from selecting materials, choosing the correct fabrication method, and considering the requirements for tissue specific applications of the scaffold.

Short TitleChemical Reviews